My top 6 tips of mini (budget) adventure

There are tones of useful information about tips for adventure on the Web, learning from them and with my own experience, here are my own tips after my recent a mini (budget) adventure to Nurgurgring:

1: It’s an adventure, so be flexible and adoptable!


Relax, you’re on an adventure!

During my latest trip I have been thinking about what is the idea of challenging yourself and exploring new experiences. After returning home, I came across this excellent piece entitled: Adventure is personal written by Katie Jennings ( which beautifully described what the notion of adventure meant to me. In my experience, no matter how much you prepared, there is also an element of unknown, otherwise it wouldn’t be an adventure. So be flexible and try to enjoy as much as you possible can. After my first lap, one of the fork seal broke and the track was closed due to accident. It meant that was the only lap that I could have. I was disappointed, very disappointed indeed especially I came that far and so close to get what I wanted. Sometimes you have to learn how to manage the unexpected: analyse the stakes, make an informed decision and implement the action.

2: You can use car GPS on your motorcycle

I read a number of posts about how to use your car GPS on bike trip. They are very useful which gives lots of technical and practice advice. Comparing the price of a GPS for car and motorcycle, you can see why people would want to use car GPS. One caution though: buying a car GPS with Bluetooth doesn’t mean that it will connect to your helmet Bluetooth device, i.e. no audio point by point. In my case Garmin only connect to my phone via Bluetooth to make and receive calls via the GPS. It doesn’t equip Bluetooth connection capability to my Sena device as they want you to buy the specific motorcycle GPS!

3. Google Map is great for planning the route

I used Google Map to plan and research my route. I then download the kmx file to my Garmin. The street view is especially good if you want to see the actual location. When I planned this trip, I worked out the total time for travel (add more than what it said as you need to stop for fuel and rest too, let alone the traffic!), locations of petrol stop (especially good for motorcycle which has small petrol tank and no fuel gauge!) and the destination nearby (any food outlets for dinner and drinks).

4. Camping stove is handy


Nothing better than a cup of tea first thing in the morning.

I love to have a cup of tea in the morning and at night. Carrying a small camping stove is great for both convenience and money saving. Cost for four cups of tea/ coffee does add up the daily cost which can be saved for buying beers! (Of course after the ride of the day)

5. Think about Plan B if you just travel to Nurbergring public open track day

Be aware that anyone who pays for the entry can drive and ride on the track. On a sunny day with racing on the closed circuit, it attracts lots of people and accidents tend to happen. I learned this bu reading such advice from other useful internet sites so I knew what I would do if it rained and/ or circuit close. The roads nearby the track are good and the actual track facility building are also worth visiting. The scale and the quality of their track facility make Silverstone look like a car boot sale park!

6: Any bike can be an adventure bike


I rode my 1997 Honda CBR900RRV Fireblade in this trip. It isn’t the most comfortable touring bike but that doesn’t stop you exploring the world on it. The majority of people that I met were on newer models, I also saw people rode bikes older and small capacity than mine both on the road and on the track. Nick Sanders rode a Yamaha R1 around the world and broke records, so no excuse of not going without having an adventure bike. As long as your bike is mechanical sound, it may take a bit longer and less comfortable to ride, it can do it! Take regular breaks, I stop for fuel and have a stretch at about 100 – 120 miles.


About AC2

Born and brought up in HK; has been living in the UK since late 80's. Love motorcycle, Manga and Super Robots.
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