Life of a drifer


Looking at the sun set in Faro, Portugal

Looking at the sun set in Faro, Portugal

The following is from ‘Life of a Drifter’:

“I live for the journey, not the destination.

I see an end is a new beginning – a time to reflect on the ongoing adventure.

I’ve become a product of the environment I seek: the lessons I learned and the people I met.

Sometimes I live on the edge, the boundaries I know are the ones I pushed, the limits I reached and the goals I’ve achieved.

I only discover what’s possible by attempting the impossible.

I know nothing happen unless you make it happen.

I’ve done things the hard way and I often go the long way, but it’s always been my way.

I don’t live by routine or schedule. I go by feel and cross bridges when I get to them.

It teaches me to have faith, to trust my instincts and follow my nose.

If there’s no way then I’ll look for a way.

If there’s no path then I’ll try and make one.

It’s because on this path I find like-minded people. People who inspire me, guide me and bring out the best of me. And people become my friends.

I only respect for respectful people and judge no one by their assets.

If wealth is a measure of success, then I’m yet to succeed.

But money can’t buy determination nor can it be deposited into a memory bank.

I have a wealthy memory bank.

I’m built chasing dreams, revelling in the moment and living life as a drifter, a two-wheeled drifter.”

I couldn’t agree more.


About AC2

Born and brought up in HK; has been living in the UK since late 80's. Love motorcycle, Manga and Super Robots.
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