Happiness is how you perceive it.

Happiness is how you perceive it.

Exactly forty-five years ago from today, I came to this world and became part of a six members family. When I was young, our family couldn’t afford a birthday bash for each of their children as such, however my mum would always ensure that evening meal would be special with added dishes and we would even have a small cake to celebrate. I also remember she would give me a whole cooked chicken thigh as birthday present. (In old days, having the chicken thigh in traditionally during celebratory Chinese occasions  symbolises as a gift of health and wealth.)

Looking back in times, even though we hardly had any pocket money, I never complain about the lack of materials in my childhood. My mum didn’t give me a name at my birth to wish me happy; she gave her children more than she could afford for herself. Her love devoted to the family is greater than her own life.

My childhood, just like many other similar families, had our ups and downs. During those down times, I might feel unhappy at the times but these experiences and moments never affect me in my adulthood. On the contrary, they made me a stronger person: such saddest moments actually made me cherish when good moments came. I would always regard my childhood with my family is one of happiest moments of my life.

Today I feel grateful as ever and I appreciate for what I was given: a happy life in a healthy body. Instead of making any wishes, I would like to mark the day to remind myself how lucky I am, in particularly of what my mum gave me.

Thanks to you all. Thanks mum.



About AC2

Born and brought up in HK; has been living in the UK since late 80's. Love motorcycle, Manga and Super Robots.
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