2012 Ride in Europe: Prologue

It has been a week since I returned from my ride to Italy – the one I initially labelled it as ‘adventure’. The reason of not writing up a rider report is that I need time to reflect on what happened in the 6 days-time.

While I was planning for this trip, I asked myself what kind of travel I would like to have. I decided that it had to be on strict tight budget and minimum support. Why?

I left my home town by myself when I was 18 years old. Life has been good to me last few years and I start wondering if I still have what it takes to strive.

There have been so many highs and lows during this adventure. I was certainly not disappointed from what I experienced and learned from this trip.

The original travel is: set off on Saturday from Liverpool, arrive in Bologna on Sunday, visit Ducati factory and museum tour by 9:15 a.m. on Monday, travel to Stelvio Pass, Baden-Baden and round off the trip in Nurburgring. Easy peasy.

Before the trip:

The initial planning began six months ago. Learning from other experienced riders of how to plan their trips, what kinds of gears and how they use them. I felt fairly confident that everything would nicely come together at the end. First mistake: I should have tested all my equipment and the vehicle at least a week before, for example knowing well how to use my GPS, running the bike for a week to see any signs of hiccup after servicing and making sure all the purchases arrive on time etc. Two days before the trip, I couldn’t find my keys for the panniers. A day before the trip, I was still busy running around to get a locksmith to make another set of key and buying maps and other gears that should have arrived few days ago.

At the end, I only had four hours sleep before I set off to Dover. Still I felt fairly well ahead of a long ride to a bit further than Reims in France. How hard could that be?


About AC2

Born and brought up in HK; has been living in the UK since late 80's. Love motorcycle, Manga and Super Robots.
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