2012 ride in Europe part 2

Riding motorcycles to travel has always been described by riders as an adventure. This might due to the fact that riders are more exposed to roads full of hazards as well as the nature of unknown. Bike adventure doesn’t always has to be big, even a few days, weeks or a month can be just as good. In order to prepare for this trip, recently I have read about people who have been travel extensively around the world on a motorcycle describing what adventure is. Here are some of the interesting quotes:

“All about discovery and challenge. All of this is enhanced further by the bike.” Charley Boorman, UK celebrity rider who is well known of his rides with Ewan McGregor.

“About finding out who you are, what makes you think the way you do, what makes you tick. If you don’t sort out stuff like this, no adventure, however big or small, will ever make sense.” Nick Sanders, world record holder of the quickest rider traveling around the world.

“Leaving the house in the morning and not knowing where you will sleep later.” Jon Urry, another global traveler.

I think the following by Gary Inman sums up my approach to motorcycle adventure is:

Something that you are nervous about before you leave and never forget when you return.”

This trip makes me more nervous than the one I had two years ago: I have never been to anywhere so far away from home by myself and no details plan of where I would be going. The only plan is to ride to France as far as possible on the first day, look out the weather forecast and then decide where to go.

My initial thought: Black Forest in Germany sounds good to me!

17 days to go…



About AC2

Born and brought up in HK; has been living in the UK since late 80's. Love motorcycle, Manga and Super Robots.
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  1. dmltommywong says:

    Like the top header pic! Fav!

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