The state of play

It was about a month ago when England experienced one of the biggest threat of riots. After the events were over, many debates were over what could be the cause of this massive outbreak. Among the rioters, there were some people who had been law abiding citizens: Olympic ambassadors,  university lecturers and students etc.

The cause of these people’s behavior are complex, it could be emotional, social and financial, or a combination of all. One of the discussions about the cause is the state of our society.

Today we have young people who give birth of a child as early as 15(!) We have parents who aren’t even mature enough to make sense themselves but they are either willingly, or in some cases accidentally,  put themselves in a position that they have to teach their own children.

Many young people who are brought up in other finance moderate families do not seem to be much better off . I have not yet came across anyone who earn their living without their parents / family support. While they complained about the price of buying their first house, they never have the willingness to get into the housing market at the entry level and most importantly saving up. None of them would consider buying a cheap moderate house first before making enough money to buy their ideal home. I knew someone who worked on a basic wages, in order to put a deposit for his first house, he made every effort to save up money, including no holiday for six years. To ask your son and daughter to do this now, they would say you are bad parents or mad!

These days parents are often too busy to make money that they are happy to work long hours and let schools, nurseries and their own parents to look after their children. The most common justification is that they have to make ends meet. In some cases that I know of, they would rather spend their time at work than look after their children at home because doing a job is comparatively easier. Their finance rewards are easier to justify and are much quicker to return. If their kids behave badly, it is only nature to blame the teachers and the education system. After all, they said that they had paid for it.

Back home in HK, the situation is even more bizarre as large number of families employ Filipino as home helpers – a result of decades of economic growth, but I always see it as the modern day of slavery. The basic stuff that we all used to do at home, e.g. tidying up, cooking and washing, are now carried out by these servants.  I have read a recent Chinese news article that some children couldn’t even use knives to spread butter on bread. It was because that that was always done by their servants, sorry, helpers, at home. As a result their parents had to pay someone to train their children up. Funny enough, none of the interviewed parents acknowledge the lack of their own family education at home. Of course, they are too busy to make money. I once challenged a child of why she was upset by brushing the floor after finishing a meal, her explanation was that these types of work was only done by servants! O.M.G!

That’s kind of sum up the state of our society at home and aboard.

I haven’t prayed for years, maybe it’s time to start praying again. God helps us all!


About AC2

Born and brought up in HK; has been living in the UK since late 80's. Love motorcycle, Manga and Super Robots.
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