Seville Day 1

August is the peak of a holiday season in the UK. Looking for a relative cheap holiday at the end of the month isn’t easy, firstly there is a bank holiday weekend, and secondly families are keen to take their children for a final getaway before their children starts their schooling. We chose Seville because it was the place full of cultural characters and it was relatively cheap as everyone went to the seaside.

First day consisted of travelling from Liverpool to Seville that was just over 2 hours. Although we did our research by reading of where we would like to go and how to get to places, you still need to put all these knowledge into practices. Our first task was to catch a bus from airport to the accommodation. The tourism information in the airport was very helpful. Within 20 minutes, we were in Seville city area. ‘H’ was very good to figure out how systems worked. The bus service was very good there, by pointing them to the map where we wanted to go, we were on our way. Travel time from airport to the accommodation, including changing buses, was only half an hour.



After the trip in Portugal early this year, we decided to choose a self catering accommodation this time. This place was used to be the actual living space for the local people, it still captured the wonderful features of what it was used to be. You can see the pictures and decide by yourself. Although it was described as self catering, the accommodation offered the same level of hotel services. It was about 20 minutes walk to the major tourist attraction. The air conditioning was the most powerful we ever came across. Secured car parking was available in the basement. What’s more, for two people, four nights, the cost was less than £180! (Please note prices varied due to different seasons.) It was an exceptional value!



After our experience of staying there, we highly recommended it.Before this trip, one of our favourite TV chef, Rick Steins, did his latest series in Spain, the last episode was in Seville. We decided to visit some of his recommended eating outlets. Finding this place wasn’t easy but a local man was extremely helpful when he saw us scratching our heads and looking for directions. Due to the language barrier, we couldn’t understand each other, he ended up taking us to this little café / restaurant. We had our lunch there as it was suggested that the food was made for local people. We showed them what Rick’s had from the extract if his website, but none of them seemed to understand what we wanted. After a lot of guessing, shaking heads and nodding, it appeared to be an agreement of our orders. It should be two dishes consisting of a plate of egg and salad; a plate of clams and potatoes. This was what it turned up. Initially we though our descriptions must be lost in translation (what translations, none of us speak Spanish). They must make up a dish for the foreigners. As we found out from reading other information, it was actually one of the tapas! The reason of no clams was because Monday had no fresh seafood. I didn’t know why so a simple dish but it offered such an exceptional taste.

The Plaza de Toros de la Real Maestranza de Caballería

The Plaza de Toros de la Real Maestranza de Caballería

After the lunch, we started our tourist trait in the area, two main attractions for today: the second oldest bullring and the palace. Both places were beautiful at their own right.

The tour guide of the bullring was a class of her own. Let alone she was knowledgeable of the subject, she was also tough on people that didn’t listen to her. People were told off in Spanish because they were nosy when she was presenting in English. They also got shout at when they used flash for photo taking. A kiss ass tour guide, classic act!

Plaza de España, Seville, Spain.

Plaza de España, Seville, Spain.

If you watched one of the latest Star War movies, you might recognise the senses. The palace was free to admit and it is beautifully made.

Since we were up in five o’clock to catch an early flight, it was time for dinner and an early nap. We tried a local café and some more tapas, delicious yet reasonably priced. To make this dining experience even better, we were under charged too!


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