Congratulations to you if you could.

Today when ’E’, ‘C’ and me were in the office, ‘C’ proudly announced her good news to us. ‘E’ said, ‘I’m getting married.’

Never heard anything about it before, it was a bit of a surprise, I said, ‘Congratulations.’

‘C’ asked, ‘ Who is the lucky person?’

‘E’ explained, ‘We used to go out together eleven years ago. We enjoyed the relationship and everything was fine, apart from our views of having children. I wanted one but he didn’t. It was because of this reason, we eventually broke up. He then got married and never had any children in this relationship. I had my child with someone else but I didn’t get married. Recently we met again, he told me that he had just devoiced. When we talked about our past, then we both realised that we never really forgot about our feeling towards each other. We decided that we shouldn’t miss this chance again, we must get married.’

‘What about the idea of having a child now?’ ‘C’ asked.

‘It’s kind of funny. This time he really wants to have a child, but I don’t want to. I have one and I am getting too old to have another one.’ ‘E’ added, ‘I told him that although he wouldn’t have a child of his by me, but he would have a grandchild from his step son in ten years time though.’

We both are all very happy for her. ‘C’ commented on, ‘after 11 years, no one should miss it when this chance of getting together comes again. Isn’t it lovely?’

I agreed. It is almost like a script in a romance movie with a happy ending. If you have a chance to do it all again, would you, could you?

Congratulations to you if you could.


About AC2

Born and brought up in HK; has been living in the UK since late 80's. Love motorcycle, Manga and Super Robots.
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