What makes you happy?

Feeling happy

Lately jobs across public, private and voluntary sectors in England have been badly affected by the Government economic policies. People worry either how long they remain in job or how long they will take to find another job. While this Government frantically implement these policies, they also invested thousands of pounds to investigate what makes people happy.

Lately when I talked to friends who are in Hong Kong, their experiences at work had also been brought up a lot of times. All of these experiences reflected their varies level of dissatisfaction at their management and support from colleagues. Such unhappiness had caused them distress. Some of these emotions also transformed into physical illnesses. When I asked if they could negotiate their workload, roles and responsibilities, or level of support from their employer, I was told that weren’t possible. That made me think of the Government’s research of happiness and maybe there were things that could help to address stress from work.

Before exploring what makes you happy, let’s have a look at this by Professor Ed Diener, University of Illinois from the BBC webiste and see how happy you are.

Then let’s meet Christine Jones, regarded by the initial research that she was Britain’s happiest person.  (Viewers outside UK might not be able to watch the video)

Professor Skevington, at the University of Bath, suggested that the Government should focus on research of quality of life rather than focus on happiness alone. Here, using the WHO definitions, elements that attribute to wellbeing came from various part of our life.

My own experience tells me that no matter how you see this,  work is important for us, it pays our bills, work isn’t the only element to make us happy. It surely isn’t the most important thing in life. It is definitely not worth of scarifying your health and relationship.

Next question is: what would you do about it?


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Born and brought up in HK; has been living in the UK since late 80's. Love motorcycle, Manga and Super Robots.
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