Day Five (The Final day)


The last ride

The original plan for the last day of the trip was no plan at all: just chill out and then go to airport.

The day in fact was full of surprises. Firstly the local time, like the UK Summer time, was put an hour forward, therefore we got up an hour later than we usually would and nearly missed our breakfast. The second one was a pleasant surprise indeed: we received a warm invitation by a business that we met to their home before catching our flight back to Liverpool. We got on really well when we first engaged with this business but we never expected that they would invite us, as a friend, back to their home.

After we got picked up from the hotel, we went to the nearby supermarket to get some food for a BBQ. Both of us helped out making some Thai sauce, chicken wings, skewered beef and squids. We spent a lovely afternoon drinking beer, eating food, talking about their business, life in general, local Portuguese customs and quad bikes.

Good time usually flied fast. It was just about time to leave, another surprise: I was offered a short ride up to the hill. This time I rode a different bike and the terrains were much more technical. No one was ever taken to this track before. I thought it would only be a nice gentle ride. While I was negotiating with these terrains, I kept reminding myself to keep up a good pace so that we could get back to the house and then airport on time; as well as not to crash! I was glad that I managed to get through them in one piece. Riding like this required a good level of fitness especially your legs and arms which I hadn’t got any.  All credits went to his excellent instruction and the outstanding performance of these quad bikes.

When we thought that was the end of our amazing journey which was full of pleasant surprises, Malcolm Wilson, the championship winning Ford WRC Team Principal, was on board of the same flight with us.


The end of a journey

We would never imagine a better end of a trip like this. We really enjoyed our time when we were there: friendliness of the local people, good food and drinks, fabulous scenery and adventure style quad biking. We also managed to make a new friendship with a family who came from the UK and started their business venture over there.

Five days surely wasn’t enough to know a place well. These five days did give us a fantastic impression that would certainly last for years to come.


About AC2

Born and brought up in HK; has been living in the UK since late 80's. Love motorcycle, Manga and Super Robots.
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