Algarve Day Four

Fish and veg market in Olhao

After raining overnight, air was even fresher in the morning after. Today we headed off to a nearby town called Olhao to visit the biggest fish market in this area. Distance from Faro to there was only about 45 mins by bus. Trying to catch a bus on Saturday, without any proper planning, was a well-learned lesson. We had just missed a bus when we arrived at the bus stop which meant another hour waiting for the next one. Although the train station was nearby, next train would be another two hours. When we did finally got to Olhao fish market, it was a well-worth trip though. Not only the fishes were big and fresh, there also lots of varieties. Interestingly, unlike what we read, we noticed there wasn’t many shell fishes like clams, lobsters or shrimps. The market was next to the seaside and another vegetable market, lots of people out there. It reminded me how we used to buy food and vegetables in old days. We didn’t buy them inside a gaint shopping mall and everything were displayed in line with plastic film wrapped around.

After having some local snacks, we decided to head further east to a bigger town for more sight seeing. Tavira is a much bigger town than Faro and Olhao. Once again we didn’t check the time table when we first arrived, another hour waiting then. Travelling time was about 45 mins from where we were. Tavira is like Faro and Olhao, next to the seaside. Within the town area, there were castle, church and chapels to visit. At about tea time, we stopped for coffee and some more food. This time we tried some Portuguese tarts. When we were in Hong Kong and Macau, we loved these tarts, now we were in Portugal, we couldn’t afford not trying some! Taste was very different from the ones that we had in HK, which was more like a custard tart. More walk about and it was time to catch a bus back to Faro.

We went back to the restaurant that we had our meal the night before. It was the busiest one in Faro. Food was good and price was reasonable. Eating big fishes like seabass and cod were much more expensive than local fishes. Price difference could be three times more. Tonight we opted for mackerel as they ran out of sardines. Each of our dish was only 6.50 euro.

That was almost the end of our short trip. Tomorrow would be Sunday and last day of our stay. Most of the things would be closed in the morning and we would need to catch a flight back in the afternoon, therefore it would be a lazy Sunday chill.


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