Algarve Day Three

A fab day out ride on quad bike.

Day three was about motor sport.

We were picked up by Clare from at the hotel and we were taken to the hill side of the town for four hours quad bike tour. I have never ridden a quad bike before but I want to have some off road riding experience without worry about hurting myself easily. This seems to be perfect. This is a family ran business and it receives a lot good recommendation from an internet site called tripe advisor. I wasn’t disappointed at all. In fact this would be one of the best ever riding experiences, I even managed to let the back end loose at turns. I knew that I would have to learn how to ride, therefore I asked Helen to be a pillion of the instructor, Mark.  I was given a choice of a 450 cc with automatic gear or 250 cc quad bike with a manual gear. I chose a small one as I thought it would be more manageable in rough surfaces.

Fun, fun, fun

I was introduced to the basic riding techniques and did some practices before we were headed out to the tracks around the hills. I knew it wasn’t just riding on level ground but I would never imagine we were taken to so many different types of terrains, including a 20 ft drop to a river stream! I really enjoyed these challenges and had a great ride. Apart from riding, we also stopped a few time for breaks and chats. Initially I worried about the little quad bike, soon I realised that she was much stronger than I was. No matter what surfaces you threw her in, she just coped with ease. Helen also had a great ride at the back. We went to places you would never get to in any cars or motorcycles in just a short time. The tour was simply amazing. Mark said we had covered a little more than what he would usually do as we had a good steady pace. This experience is far better than playing PS3/X-Box/Wii. I would recommend it to anyone who like motor sport and enjoy a great day out in a country side. 10/10!

WRC team

Then we asked them to drop us off at the stadium where the WRC was held. It was a mid afternoon and the site was still being set up. Still we managed to walk about the paddock and looked at some of the cars there. Finding our way back to the hotel was another adventure as the stadium was at the middle of nowhere. No one would call a taxi for us and walked for some time before we could get to a restaurant. After we bought our drinks and he still wouldn’t call by his phone. At the end he gave me a number to call and I asked him to arrange the taxi as we didn’t know where we were. While we were waiting for the taxi, a rally team mechanic which sat next to us offered us half a bottle of sake before they left. I thought they were joking and it turned out to be a real sake. No bad at all!

We, no it was I, drank that sake at the hotel. After the ride and the long walk, I just fell asleep. By 7ish we ran out to a restaurant that was recommended by the local people, had the best meal so far and that was the end of day three. It’s getting better everyday!


About AC2

Born and brought up in HK; has been living in the UK since late 80's. Love motorcycle, Manga and Super Robots.
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