Algarve Day Two

Breakfast by the marine

Today we started off with a nice breakfast on the top floor of the hotel that looked over to the marine. Then we had a quick walk in the Old Town. There were lots of orange tree and smelled really nice. Although we took some photos of them, we just wished the photos could keep these gorgeous smells. (I was told that we had bought a couple them as this year’s addition to the garden, can’t wait)

Wherever we went, we always  love visiting the local food market. Before we set off to the desert island tour, we paid the local food market a visit too. Food represents a great deal about culture. Looking at what the local people eat, we thought we might learn something about them. The market itself is very clean, no nasty smell at all. Lots of fresh fishes and they were big too. The other thing caught our eyes were snails, local people put them in a sag next to dry fruit and vegetable. Interesting.

The highlight of the day is the tour to the desert island. The tour was about an hour. On our way to the island, we passed through some nature reserve wet land and saw people working to collect clams. We didn’t see any fishes or dolphins because I mixed it up with another sea tour, we did see different types of sea bird. I even managed to take my first ever wild life photos. Once again the tour on the island was relaxing, we spent some time to walk around and had a light lunch before we returned to Faro. Apart from taking some good photos, I also made myself looked like Robin (Batman’s side kick).

A short break with some refreshing beer, we headed out to other side of town. World Rally Championship is in Faro now, some of the team also stayed in our hotel. The seafront started dressing up for this major international sporting event.

A fab evening meal with more wine and three course meal, we called it a day.

Tomorrow will be very different as we are head to quad biking. More to come tomorrow.


About AC2

Born and brought up in HK; has been living in the UK since late 80's. Love motorcycle, Manga and Super Robots.
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