Feckin, wrekin run to Ironbridge

Please note the following was adopted from original posts by Peter and Greg at Wirral Adavcne Motorycling Club on 12.09.2010.

Out to Ironbridge with Greg leading,  through the Cheshire lanes towards Shrewsbury, and we rode on the roads that we’ve never been on before, like the A5 dual carriageway to Telford.  At one point we even did a loop around somewhere, and went past the same church twice, back to where we started from!  Ah, the joys of GPS!!!

Peter took command, and finally got us to Iron Bridge going over the Wrekin on some narrow muddy moss covered roads.

Excellent banter ensued at Ironbridge, and being next to a world famous Pasty shop was ideal as Chris ordered TWO pasties.  After all, he is on a diet!!  ;o)

Chris with his pasty


Part timers returned (led by Peter) basically an almost reciprocal route back. Where did the All-Timers get to?

The all dayers went to Much Wenlock, Church Stretton then over the long minge courtesy of Chris who lead up to airfield where we stopped to watch the gliders, paragliders, parasailors and parascenders, paranoid schitzophrenics and para normal faith healers etc. Beautiful weather with some amazing views.

Then Greg stoked up the trusty GPS and led us all back to the Rake and Pikel via the 489 (coffee stop at the Little Chef at Oswestry) and the Cheshire lanes where we were spotted by Pat N Dave .

A good day run.


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Born and brought up in HK; has been living in the UK since late 80's. Love motorcycle, Manga and Super Robots.
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