Leaving your loved one

People said parting with your love one would never been easy. It has been a month since I last saw her. I think I can get over it as time goes by, I hate to admit, but it is getting very hard to forget how we are used to connect with each other. I just simply cannot stop thinking about her! Recently I read my friend’s blog which suggested today’s men appeared to be more in need of companion(s) than women. Maybe she is right that men (we) are becoming too attached with our senses and emotions, or after all women are getting more insensitive about feeling.

Today I received a letter* confirming that she had moved on and officially I no longer have anything to do with her. That is the end of our relationship and it also signals a beginning of a new chapter.

Adapting to this new life is much harder than I ever imagine. No matter what I do, it just never feels the same. Surely I am too attached with her and our past.  I should focus and put all my energy to face the painful truth that things will never be the same. My aching body constantly reminds me that parting with her could be a big mistake and a regretful decision that haunts me the rest of my life.

I desperately need help on this, some expert advice; luckily I always have good people around. This would certainly help:

“The VFR was made as a Sports Tourer where a CBR900RRV is a true radical sports bike which requires you to change your riding style totally from the VFR.   Try to keep your arms relaxed and drop the elbows down so the forearms are more level with the handlebars, use counter steering along with the balls of your feet and inner thigh to help change the weight distribution when changing direction.

On narrow lanes it is hard work on a sports bike due to this increased effort required to ride and remember that on a sports bike you head is lower which restricts your forward vision.  The later CBR900RRs where not as radical as the first ones they also had a reduced fork angle which made them better for the road rider.  I hope this helps.”

It does, thanks Mike!


VFR750 by a sunflower field

*Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) confirmed a new owner registered the bike.


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Born and brought up in HK; has been living in the UK since late 80's. Love motorcycle, Manga and Super Robots.
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